Laser Tag
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Horsham Laser Tag

Step away from the computer and have some hands-on fun with your friends while you grab some exercise in the process! Inspired by popular computer games, such as Call of Duty and the Battlefield series, laser tag games are fast and furious fun.

Laser Tag missions let you live out your gaming experiences just like a live computer game. The equipment uses a harmless infra-red beam, similar to your TV remote, that tags sensors worn by other players and our awesome inflatable barricades form an instant battlefield.

Horsham Laser Tag has a battle arena that covers one of our tennis courts at Horsham Lanes and Games. Enjoy a spacious, adventurous field that will allow you to have fun with friends and family. 

Combat Fun Without The Bruises

You can enjoy all the fun of paintball but without the danger or painful bruises. Using the Aussie-designed S.A.T.R .system, laser tag is fun, safe, local and probably the most fun you will ever have getting fit.

Using Battlefield Live technology, games are scored on a best team basis rather than on personal scores, but you still get score details on your own personal controller.

Come on down to celebrate your birthday or just come in for an exciting and thrilling day of laser tag fun. Check out the prices below and give us a call if you have any questions! 
Casual Game Prices 
Minimum of 8 people per laser tag session
                                                            Juniors           Adults
3 mission pack (1 Hour session):  $21.00          $24.00
                                     Extra mission:  $6.00             $6.00

                                         Combo Pack: $28.00         $32.00
(3 missions + 1 Game of Tenpin)

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